Revenue Accounting Systems

We offer our customers access to efficient revenue accounting systems.
Airline Services Estonia uses MonaLisa and Amadeus  Revenue Accounting systems in its daily operations. The systems are efficient, flexible, user-friendly platform and powerful ticket management systems – from the point of issuing to final archiving. They are future oriented systems that help airlines to do the most accurate accounting while curtailing revenue leakage and maximizing revenue recovery.
MonaLisa, Coforge’ Passenger Revenue Accounting system
Passenger Revenue Accounting (PRA) is an important business function that has a major impact on revenue generation, and hence, on profitability. It is critical to infuse PRA systems with the right technology so that airline managers can access, process, and analyze information rapidly to meet revenue and efficiency goals. MonaLisa Passenger Revenue Accounting system can help airline managers do just that. MonaLisa is an efficient, flexible, user friendly, and future-oriented system that helps curtail revenue leakage and maximize revenue recovery
Amadeus  Revenue Accounting
Amadeus Revenue Accounting empowers you to take control of the revenue accounting function with real time recording, management and reporting of all planned and actual revenues from any distribution channel.
Benefits of using Amadeus Revenue Accounting: 
- Track all passenger sales revenue in real-time. 
- Collect revenues faster and improve cash flow. 
- Retrieve and combine sales and usage information in seconds. 
- Get an instant view of your revenue performance.