Revenue Accounting Services

Airline Services Estonia offers complete passenger revenue accounting services from ticket issue to ticket archive.
Key functionalities in our services are Sales Accounting, Flown Revenue Accounting and Interline Accounting.
We offer our customers access to efficient revenue accounting systems and provide them with accurate, timely and dependable accounting results. We place great emphasis on flexibility and customized services according to our customers’ needs.
Sales Accounting
The availability of the sales data on a daily basis from IATA BSP/ARC sources and the airline’s own sales data from GDS/CRS suppliers is one of the key elements for an airline’s revenue reporting. The complete sales audit services on fare, tax and commission can uncover possible errors on sales and convert hidden losses into revenue through the ADM management system. Many kinds of financial reports can easily be created and integrated into the general ledger, including estimated flight revenues.
Flown Revenue Accounting
In revenue accounting, the flown data process is matched against sales data and error-checking is able to provide top management with correct revenue figures in an efficient and accurate way. The revenue information provided is also used by revenue management and sales & marketing for analyzing an airline’s route profitability as well as the performance and effectiveness of special and code-share agreements. Many kinds of financial reports can easily be created and integrated into the general ledger, including revenues by routes, flights, dates, airlines, etc.
Interline Accounting
The key element in interline accounting is correct and timely invoicing via SIS. The Integrated Settlement solution eliminates paper and simplifies the entire process, resulting in more effective exchange of transaction information between billing entities and their interline partners. A fast checking of incoming invoices is very important to improve the airline’s cash flow and minimize overbilling losses by determining the exact value of invoiced coupons. Rejections management and maintenance of correspondence with airlines is also a valuable part of interlining.