Revenue Accounting Systems

We offer our customers access to efficient revenue accounting systems.

Airline Services Estonia uses Mona Lisa and Skyfly revenu revenue accounting systems in its daily operations. The systems are efficient, flexible, user-friendly platform and powerful ticket management systems – from the point of issuing to final archiving. They are future oriented systems that help airlines to do the most accurate accounting while curtailing revenue leakage and maximizing revenue recovery. 



Mona Lisa is provided by NIIT Technologies GmbH, a leading IT solutions provider dedicated to the airline industry. The company offers services in the areas of revenue accounting, crew scheduling, crew control, logbook management, movement control and business intelligence. With more than fifteen years experience in this area, MonaLisa has grown up to a product already being implemented at more than 40 airlines world-wide. The software was developed by Softec, a IATA strategic partner, now owned by NIIT Technologies GmbH. 



Skyfly revenue optimizes both productivity and profitability of the revenue accounting process. By automating standard transactions wherever possible, Skyfly relieves the user from excessive manual workload and thus allows focusing on the essential duties.
The built-in workflow management offers efficient and time-saving processing while the powerful validation engine and dynamic error logging ensure that the information is correct and valid. Accounting data is generated just-in-time by a standard ERP interface, which can easily be adapted to the client’s needs.

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